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What I Want

I am in goal-setting and -achieving mode. A series of decisions I’ve made since April 2011 put my feet on this path. I have an objective:

Live the Dream.

It’s actually much more specific than that. It’s…. working out, saving money, prepping  a bang-up audition, finishing my education, becoming a college professor, moving to the Pacific Northwest, acting, working Rep…. making a living doing what I want where I want.

My first tenuous step on this path was working out. It has been a wonderful journey so far. Every day is a challenge and every day is it’s own reward. I started writing publicly about my workouts and it has served to motivate me and keep me positive and focused. Today I decided to take the next step to turn it into a “for real” blog and fold in the new challenges I see for myself over the coming year and more.

Here’s to living.

-Race Mason


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