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Wrapping up Joy

Today I completed Week 2 Day 3 of my 4 week routine. Like Wednesday I opted to do 1 round instead of 2. I am confident 2 would have been more aligned with my fitness goals, I am looking for ways to have more time at home for family and fun. It only takes a few more minutes to do the second set of exercises, I want those minutes for other things! Next week I’m probably going to just write about my week’s workout once in order to have more time and more life balance. As much as I fantasize about stability, order and routine, I really value flexibility when I look at my actual life.

My final thoughts on this week’s affirmation, I focus on the joy of living my life and helping others where I can:

This mini-phase in my life is about recovery. Both getting back on my feet physically and emotionally. I realized this week that I spend a LOT of time being concerned with whether or not I’m perceived as being mean. Any time someone tells me they don’t like the way I’m doing something (and this happens a LOT when you work with young people), I am quite ready to re-evaluate everything I’ve been doing to look for the problem. I spend a ton of time thinking about what I did wrong, which makes for one unhappy me. I’ve been reading a teacher training book in my spare time called Love and Logic. This is a teaching philosophy I was mentored under, so I already use the philosophy, but I’m interested in getting even better at it because it’s all about helping people solve their own problems through empathy and the encouragement of thinking. As opposed to, you know, taking on other people’s problems.

Why am I talking about teaching? Because I take on more problems than I own across all the most important areas of my life and it’s hard to be happy when you’re carrying around other people’s problems for them. I’m glad that next week’s affirmation is all about acknowledging the positive, caring traits in myself. I think it will be just the right kind of challenge.

“Let us cultivate our garden.” – Voltaire, Candide

I started working out because I wanted to change the way I looked. Not drastically, but to head off some of the body changes that inevitably happen with age and childbearing (old school vocab for the win!). I also wanted to get some of my strength and endurance back so that I could do some of the things I love to do well. Thankfully, what I have learned is that I am much happier and healthier feeling when I work out regularly. There is a real and noticeable difference in my outlook and the consistency of my moods. And writing this blog is like my meditation time where I consider how things are going and allow my thoughts to settle.

What do you do to cultivate your garden?



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