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Acceptance for Change

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I’m plugging along after the break, staying on schedule while I can in between shows. Tonight I did Week 2 Day 2 of my 4 Week Plan.

The workout for today is a balance workout. I do a lot of strength building workouts, many of which incorporate balance exercises. But core strength and balance are great things to bring to a higher focus, as they will help your physical health as you age. Strong core muscles now will help prevent injuries, from the mundane to the serious later. So I figured why not. Plus it’s a good intesity for a mid-week workout.

Tonight I chose to do only one of the two sets to complete the workout, because I had dinner with my mother. In this last week off before rehearsals start back up I’m working on my life balance as well as my body balance. Having dinner with my mom is always nice, but family seems a little extra important these days and we need each other a little more. I really enjoyed dinner and we talked for a long time after eating. I did not start my workout until 8:30, so I chose to do only one rep because I know from experience that I don’t sleep well if I exercise after 9:00 p.m. Practical solutions!

I want to check back in about this week’s affirmation, I focus on the joy of living my life and helping others where I can, and specifically my challenge to myself to help others with their health challenges. I really haven’t had much of an opportunity to do this yet, except with my students who always need a reminder about taking care of their bodies. But you know how you often get back from life what you put into it? I had a lovely surprise message from an old theatre acquaintance from high school who helped me by giving me some suggestions for workouts I might enjoy. She said many other kind things that I couldn’t repeat without sounding like I’m bragging. It was an uplifting surprise. Joyful support comes when you aren’t looking. And by the way, thanks to all of my dear friends who regularly support me with their kind words. Remember to do this for each other!

I have been making a conscious effort to focus on slowing down and taking care of this moment. I know it will get so much harder once rehearsal for my teaching gig and then rehearsal for my professional gig start up, so I’m taking advantage of the peace I can create now. I figure any practice I can get is good. 🙂

“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.” – Albert Einstein

Just breath and accept where you are right now. There will be a new moment soon.


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