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Well, that little spurt of activity was abruptly interrupted. I spent the last week in the hospital with a family member. I am very thankful, because what started as very bad news took a much better turn in just a week.

I watched as our attitudes evolved from “how do we cope with a horrible eventuality” to “okay, if that’s the bad news and we can’t change it then what can we do to make it better?” Everything suddenly had a priority level and we did what we knew we needed to do and smiled as often as we could. And while I don’t want to be in crisis mode, it is sometimes a good reminder that it’s okay to let things fall by the wayside, to drop the ball and pick it back up later, or to “fail” for right now.

What this past week did for me, besides cause me major stress, was instill a desire to recheck my goals. To reset back to “on course.” To re-evaluate the path that we’re walking for larger inconsistencies to make sure we haven’t started walking just for the sake of walking. I also have been asking myself the questions, “Do I want to be happy or do something great? And are they really two different things?”

So we are going to check our perspective. The Hubby and I are going to sit down together and discuss our family goals. What kinds of careers are we aiming for, how much money do we feel we need to make (do those two things match), where do we want to live, what sort of lifestyle do we want to have, is there time for all of those things, etc. We last did this about 2 years ago and it was well worthwhile. Now we’re a little more mature and have walked a little further, so we know a little more what we do and don’t want as well as what is really possible.

If you are living today, with today’s priorities at the forefront of your mind, there is nothing wrong with a little hiccup (or a big one) or a fantastic period of exploration and discovery. All that matters is that you don’t get discouraged and you don’t think you need to do anything besides pick up right where you left off. Oh, and maybe get a big hug from someone you love.


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