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40/44 Intimate Apparel for the Open Heart

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Now I’m on a reading kick again, but since I just finished hundreds and hundreds of pages of fiction I’m much more interested in eating up some short, lovely plays.

Intimate Apparel, by Lynn Nottage is just lovely. It’s the story of a black seamstress who makes -what else?- intimate apparel like it’s a gift from god. Taking place just at the turn of the 20th century, it’s about her dreams to continue to build up a life that has it’s recent roots in slavery. This play is compelling to the umpteenth degree. While there are really no big plot surprises, what did surprise me is how greatly I feel for the main character, Esther and how easy it is to root for her and be inspired by her sweet, survivalist spirit. If you are looking for female monologues, there are plenty in here, including monologues from the lone white woman. I do see a lot of black high school students do the monologues in this play, but I think it’s good enough writing that if it really speaks to you, you could strike gold. It’s only overdone if you don’t knock it out of the park.


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