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39/44 And we have WOMEN!

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I couldn’t help it. I had to finish reading the Dark Tower series. I couldn’t wait any longer. IT WAS WORTH IT!!!

And, yeah, I have to get caught back up, but I can see the finish line!

Children, by A.R. Gurney was an enjoyable little bite. First of all, I’ve been pretty hell bent about the ratio of males:females in pretty much every play. I don’t read a lot of male-driven plays, mostly because I’m busy looking for monologues, but I’ve been seeing a lot of theatre recently and it’s so rare to see something that even has an equal number of women to men. You should hear what my bitter mouth says. On second thought, maybe you don’t want to. So! In addition to having real, live women in the cast who actually get fabulous, meaty roles, I found the plot and the dialogue in this play really well-written and enjoyable. It’s about the struggle to get along and love each other that occurs in well-to-do WASPy families. Although that sounds irritating (and it is, sometimes), Gurney has such a touch for finding humanity (and humor) that you really feel for pretty much all of the characters. And did I mention the great dialogue? There’s just so much to work with here.

OR, by Liz Duffy Adams rocked my socks. Truly a show about women – women who love, women who fight, women who work, women who make art – it also has great language to play with and everything is such fun! It’s quite a silly little piece about Aphra Behn, one of the first female playwrights (and an ex-spy for King Charles) and all her lovers. I should mention that one of her lovers is playwrighting. It’s not a particularly obscene play, but the themes on sexuality are not for everyone. Otherwise, I just can’t say enough how much fun this script is and how great it is for women.


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