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The Tiniest Stone and the Largest Avalanche

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I want to share a little something I’ve been doing a lot recently. It hasn’t all made it on here (because this is not a blasted diary, thank goodness), but the idea is more than shareable. Since I started blogging over a year ago now , I’ve come to realize how powerful it is to set out challenges for myself. I am sure not everyone would be so moved as myself by saying to themself “I dare you,” but if you are competitive, daring, outrageous or stoic you could find yourself moved to the moon.

So I’ve set out large challenges for myself as evidenced here, but there are only so many grand, sweeping challenges you have room for in your life. Recently, I’ve started setting out little informal mini-challenges to push myself to get a few smaller things done. The water challenge and the dessert challenge (which I will talk about soon) are just two examples. All I do is set a little goal in my head. In the case of the water challenge, I do use my iPad to help me track, but only because keeping up with 55 ounces of water over the course of the day is more than my poor little brain has room for. Otherwise, I just say to myself, “I’m going to do this…. I dare myself!” and it’s a fun little game that’s just for me. If I succeed it’s cool, if I struggle it’s cool. I don’t get bent out of shape over the nitty gritty details of success, but the point is that I have a little monitor in the background of my mind saying, “Remember, you said you were only going to eat one sweet snack today – can you do it?” And then I buck up a little, because I like the word challenge.

Mini challenges are pushing me to adjust the things I do and say and be that need a little attention (but not too much). They provide fun checkpoints for me and, most of all, they prove that I can change my behavior in satisfying ways. I’m no Benjamin Franklin, but I have to say it is really amazing what you can do with yourself if you take it in small, manageable bites.

And let me say one more thing about this – I don’t “buck up” because I’m a noble, successful type of person. I do it because I’m the punk rock diva who hates to be told I can’t do something – who’ll punch you in your eye and then stomp off to prove her point. I do it because I’m ornery and rebellious and if I think anyone anywhere thinks I’m gonna do one thing, then I have to prove that I’m actually gonna do the opposite.

If you are at all motivated by challenge – set yourself some goals and make them a little difficult. Tell yourself you’re not sure if you can actually accomplish them, and then break them down into small, manageable parts and attack. You’ll feel like roaring.


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