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Gnat Death

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Every year it seems like we get gnats. Two years ago I believe we had the horrible fly infestation. And there were ants that one summer…. I’m not going to lie, we are not the cleanest family in the world. I’m a super freak about cleaning and tidying up and The Hubby is the exact opposite and the The Big and Little Little Ones are inconsistent at best. So it’s really not a wonder we’ve got gnats. Again. Oh yeah, and one giant big fly that looks like something out of the movie The Fly.

All the same, they’ve got to go.

So I figured I’d give a DIY recipe a whirl. I did a little research and there are a LOT of options using things you can find in your kitchen. I went the apple cider vinegar route, pretty much just because we have a ton of the stuff. Also, this is a super simple fix, so if this ingredient doesn’t work out it will be easy to change it up.

All you do is take a glass, pour in some apple cider vinegar and cover, poking holes in the cover. The idea is supposed to be that the gnats crawl into the holes and can’t get out. Ultimately, they drown in the (super yummy) apple cider vinegar. It’s not particularly humane, but I’m not sure there are any humane ways to rid your house of bugs. Once they get in you pretty much have to either live with them or kill them.

I’m not entirely sure that the holes in the cover actually do anything. Maybe I should have made them very small, but if I did that then I wouldn’t have caught the MONSTER FLY that has been terrorizing us for days. So there.

In about half a day we’ve caught 2 bugs in here and 2 more have been living on the top, so I’m hoping they will soon perish as well. 2 gnats died in the water in my flower vase and we’ve drowned 3 in our wine glasses tonight alone, too, although the later two are not methods I’d recommend.

I don’t think the apple cider vinegar is going to get rid of them all, but I do think that in combination with doing a better job of keeping the kitchen clean we’ll be able to rid ourselves of our gnat problem soon.


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