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I have not done any workouts since last time I posted! This has been family week, instead. I did have intentions to work out, but did not. I let my soreness work itself out this week, then I got busy with my amazing (and much neglected family) and then I hurt myself yesterday! In the dumbest way, no less.

I have some weird issue with a muscle in my left hip. I believe it’s my gluteus medius. Sometimes when I am running it will twig out and be very painful. I always just run through it and it goes away. Worst case scenario it hurts one more time on a long run and that’s that. I do stretch before I workout and run, but I think this is caused by overstretching so I am careful not to work muscles in that area too hard before I get started. I could be wrong about the overstretching theory, but I know this muscle was having a LOT more problems when I was really stretching it before each workout.

So,brilliantly, I seriously hurt myself yesterday while not even working out. I’ve been having really horrible sinus/allergy problems for the past two months or so. I was stuck at the Big Little One’s soccer match with no tissues and literally had to run to the concession stand for napkins when my nose decided it was time. Whatever thing this muscle does, it did it again just then in grand fashion. And then, throughout the day, anytime I thought I could jump up and hurry off someplace, it reminded me that was not going to be an option. I can’t even lay in my usual positions while sleeping and relaxing without it hurting. Bleh!

So I’m going to commit to learning more about what is going wrong while I nurse myself back. I don’t want to experience this again and I want to be able to share my steps in learning about the problem.

In my defense, I did lots of yardwork (hoed, moved bricks, pulled weeds, mulched, fought plant wars – you know, the usual), so I’m definitely not feeling like a slouch this week.


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