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37/38 The End of Sarah Kane

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I tackled the last two Sarah Kane plays last week. These were fantastic and well worth the effort to read.

Crave was by far the most challenging for me to read. It completely lacks plot, story, traditional character definition, setting, etc. It is difficult to read without an extremely active imagination to fill in as much of the stage picture as you can. If you can let go and allow your mind to run a little wild, it is endlessly fascinating.


I really enjoyed 4.48 Psychosis, perhaps for all the wrong reasons. It is an extraordinarily lucid communication of what it feels like to be at the complete bottom of depression. There is something satisfying in being able to hear someone clearly lay out the humanity and terrible contradictions inherent in such a horribly dysfunctional mental condition. I think that if you’ve suffered from depression it will feel like you have a voice. If you have never, then perhaps you can begin to understand.


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