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Water, Water, All Up in There

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All right, before we get into that whole watery-ness, I have been attacking my workouts since I wrote last. Since the 9th I have done 6, which is pretty much on my normal schedule despite being out of town and celebrating my anniversary with my hubby. I feel good when I work out (even if I don’t always feel good right in the middle of my workout) and I didn’t want to spend my trip with him starting to feel the I’m-not-working-out-blahs. We ran together a couple of days. It was cute. But we sucked. 😉 Here’s what I did:

ZWOW #5 – 4 reps in about 9 minutes
ZWOW #6 – 4 reps in about 9 minutes
2 mile run – 18:44
1 1/2 mile run – 12ish minutes and walked the rest of the 2 miles (this was not pretty!)
ZWOW #7 – 15:35
ZWOW #8, plus some extra dragon lunges that I threw in there b/c I can’t count – 17:40

These new ZWOW’s are killing me! I can’t just plow through them until I finish like I want to. I have to take “don’t puke” breaks, but it is awesome. I’m experiencing less injury pain and still lots of soreness in places I actually want to be sore (as in not my arms). Sometimes I beat Zuzana’s time and other times I think there is no way I could have beaten her. I think that’s a great middle ground.

So now onto the topic of the post – Water! (and dessert)

I do not drink enough water. I have been hospitalized for severe dehydration on several occasions and have a lifetime of bad water habits to break. Go me! So I decided it was time to be done with all that.

I’ve recently come across a lot of sites for people who track their life in all different sorts of ways in order to find challenges and improve on them, and I decided this was just the issue to be solved by tracking. I’m using an app called Water Your Body Lite that is available for ipad/iphone. Each day you tap the table and add the glasses of water you drink that day. You can customize the amount of each drink. The app tracks the percentage of water you drink as compared to the water you “should” drink per your body weight. Current thought is that you should half your weight in pounds and use that as the number of ounces to drink each day.

The first day I started doing this was HORRI-BAD. I felt so sick and water logged. My body was like, “You cra cra!” Seriously. It was so mad it was speaking in ebonics. But day two was suddenly easy and it’s been great since then. I’ve been using the app for 9 days and have a 96.97% average.

A few notes on how I’m tracking:

  • I only count water. If I drink a juice, that’s great, but it’s extra. I need to train my body to drink lots of water.
  • If I drink a diuretic, I definitely don’t count that. In fact, I try to drink an extra glass of water.
  • I don’t count the water I drink immediately before and after a work out. I try to drink at least 8 oz. extra for each workout.

Like I said, it’s going great. It looks like I just needed the sudden boost in determination coupled by an easy way to track my progress each day – NO EXCUSES! 🙂

And, yes, I did mention dessert. I will be brief. I like dessert. A lot. It was getting kind of outta hand. So I’ve made a commitment to myself to slow that down before it really hits me. I am starting by just getting it “under control” by eating  only one sweet treat each day. If I eat a breakfast cinnamon roll, that is it for the day. So far, I’ve only had one day that I ate more than I should. I just tell myself as I look at the cookie/candy/pie “This is it! No more after this one.” Ahhhh! Simple solutions. I’m sure there will be more on this later.


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