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First, I want to say that I have been busy! I haven’t been writing, but that means there are many posts to come in the next couple days. I just enjoyed a really lovely 10 year anniversary celebration with the hubby and I am please to announce that although I took great care of myself (eating, drinking, working out, reading, etc.), writing on this blog was the last thing in the world that might have occurred.

Before we left for our moment of bliss, we made mouthwash together. I’ve waited a while to post about it, because we tested out the first batch before spreading the word. This is a pretty old, tried and true sort of recipe and I’m pleased to say it seems to be working. I’ve recently started flossing my teeth for real. I know, that’s horrible, but it’s true. So my gums have been really agitated and I need to use mouthwash to make sure I’m killing anything near those agitated places. An infection would be awful. Everything is working out well so far. 🙂 Here’s the recipe we used:

1 cup water with a pinch of baking soda
2-4 drops peppermint extract
1 cup hydrogen peroxide

Yes, hydrogen peroxide. The stuff you clean your cuts with. You can gargle with it if you get the 3% and don’t swallow it (you shouldn’t be swallowing most mouthwashes, anyway).

We did this by mixing the water peppermint extract and baking soda in a container we keep in the bathroom. We don’t mix the whole thing, because the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda will react. Instead, we pour out a small amount of the water/soda/peppermint mix into a cup and then eyeball an equal amount of hy-per into the cup, and then swish! I swear it doesn’t taste like anything unless you’ve added the peppermint.

In addition to us using the mix, we let the Big Little One use it and it went over well. If they are old enough to spit toothpaste, then they can cope with this. And even the Big Little One did not get weirded out by the hy-per.

I think this was a major score, and not just in terms of mouthwash. Once you’ve put hydrogen peroxide into your mouth without losing your cool, you may just be ready to take on a really crazy DIY project….


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