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Installment 1 of ‘Is it Really Trash?’

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While this is not exactly part of my 100 Thing Challenge, it is on the topic of reduction. One of my goals in addition to getting rid of excess junk is to stop putting so much in landfills! Soon I will get our compost heap up and running, but this past week we put ourselves on a better path to more intense recycling. Where we live we do have a city recycling program. We’ve always taken advantage of this program, but we’ve never been really good about getting 100% of our recyclables in the right place.

I had to replace our busted up old trashcan, so I got a can that has both bins inside and we decided to use the bigger bin for our recyclables. By design, the larger bin is for regular old landfill trash, but if you think about it, your recycling items are larger, and probably more frequent. I also put a list over the recycling side of what our city takes, so we can make sure we’re “doing it right” these first few weeks. I’m happy to report it was a good decision. We are regularly filling both sides up at about equal rates and definitely recycling significantly more than we have in the past. It’s a small difference, but it’s another step in the direction we want. When the compost heap is up and running, there will be even less in the trash side and then we can start looking at other resources for recycling our remaining “landfill” trash.


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