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Playing catchup again, but I’m so not stressed about it right now. Regular schedules are not really a part of my life, but I am at least going to have a lot more free time coming up. No major projects impending, just a small-ish staged reading, more of my own writing and lots of possibilities. I’m super excited to be around my house more and also to see what comes out of my own sweat on artistic projects at home.

The Designated Mourner, by Wallace Shawn

I guess this fits right in with my apocalyptic theme in reading all that Sarah Kane. This nebulous little beauty allows us to watch the disintegration of three individuals through some sort of major, war-like event. All told as a story that previously occurred to the three of them. I’m not sure how engaging this would be staged, but the language and story is lovely and moving, painful at times, but a fantastic way to see yourself, your choices, your priorities…. As far as monologues go, it has tons, but all in passive past-tense.

Written in Time, by Matthew J Edwards

“No Image Available” because this sucker is brand spankin’ new. I happen to have a great friend who is a writer and this is one of his new-ish pieces having its world premiere right now. Lucky me, eh? Well, I certainly am because it is such a sweet little show about love, love, love and has an array of 3-dimensional characters to play with. Super moving without being ridiculously emotional, it takes you through a nice series of plot twists and sets you down ever-so-happily at the end. This too has many choices of monologues, especially for women, but they are also passive, as they predominantly come from a set of love letters.


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