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This has been a great week for “sink” and “flow.” You might be aware of the psych term flow, but I don’t know that anyone says sink. You know, when things sink in. ๐Ÿ˜‰

First of all, I did get in 3 workouts this week (scores at the bottom).

Get Freaking Hot Workout
Fire it Up Workout
And then…

I am kind of burned out on BodyRock right this second. The workouts are so fast paced these days and I’m getting strong enough that I have to work really fast to get in enough reps to approach failure. My form gets weak when I’m hauling booty and I’m hurting some of my joints. It’s become a bit stressful. But what a great excuse to go over and do one of former BodyRock hostess, Zuzana’s new workouts. It was gooooood. I was focused and working hard without stressing over unimportant things like speed, time, reps, form….

Which brings me to my point about this week – flow.

Flow is that space you get into where you are fully engaged in what you are doing. You are not thinking or analyzing, just doing. It’s a funny thing, because discussing flow is pretty much the opposite ofย  doing flow. I feel like I got my groove back this week and am glad (!), but I want to make sure it’s repeatable. I know there will be a time again in the future when I feel “out of it” or “sucky” or “blocked” and I hope that I can use my experiences this week to make that experience easier. So here are my thoughts on re-flowing:

You can talk about doing things right all you want and never get anywhere. In this realm, talk is definitely cheap. But you probably have something you do that gets you in the flow, even when you’re feeling totally off. For me, it’s dancing. I love to dance when I dance I am focused without thought and it’s fantastic. I can always go back to that feeling and that state of mind and remind myself of how it feels. I can tell myself, “This workout should have the same mentality as when I dance.” Or this performance, or this audition, or this conversation…. And then just let go and let it flow.

This is all just starting to sink in for me. I’m looking forward to the next couple weeks of experimentation. Thank goodness for my workouts, the source of major inspiration in my life!

Get Freaking Hot Workout with 25 lbs in my sand bag, plus Bonus Abs and Core
burpee/clean & press – 5, 4.5, 4.5
oblique ball throw – 10, 9, 10
shoulder lift – 4, 5, 5
oblique ball throw – 11, 10, 9
sit up/oblique twist – 8
3 touch abs – 6
sitting tuck – 28
10 reps of core/weights
Fire it Up Workout with 25 lbs, plus Bonus Abs
high knees – 5.5, 4.5, 5
L squats – 5, 3.5, 4
Monkey pushups – 4, 4.5, 5
R squats – 5.5, 4, 4
plank/reach hands – 44
plank/reach legs – 42
plank/hands & legs – 36
time: 22:47 – I did 5 horrible pistol squats for the first two rounds and then did 10 reps on the last round by only going down as far as I could actually stand back up from

And a bonus:

The Hubby's quad after NOT playing soccer for a year.

My quad after working out for nearly a year.... What a jerk. ๐Ÿ˜‰



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