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It Had to Be Done

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I normally don’t (and was following the plan to not) work out this week: tech week. Cue the danger music. Because in reality, it’s a danger to do anything besides the bare necessities of survival during tech week. If you have even been involved in the theatre, you know what I’m talking about here.

But with all the downcast feelings from auditions – and now work – something had to be done today. So I built up my workout shrine….

….and got to it.

Brutal, horrible workout during which I paid dearly for 0 workouts in the past 10 days, the crazy lifestyle and the *entire* (you heard that right) box of thin mints I ate in the past 24 hours. And it was ever so worthwhile.

I pep-talked myself before this started. This was not about accomplishing anything in particular, except exactly what was before me. It was about mindfulness and completeness. These may sound like silly things to center a workout around, but when you have been dragging tail all day, it doesn’t feel too silly to complete a debilitating workout. It feels like power and the good kind of exhaustion. And success.

Lots of zen.

This is week number two of loving yourself even when it feels like you should be kicking yourself in the rump instead.


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