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Can’t Help Lovin’ You

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I figured in honor of the need this week to be good to self that I would just write about that. This is the week before tech/opening week for my show, which means squeezing extra work into your spare time is only a good idea if you want to be sick for the hardest week ever next week. So I let go of any thoughts I had of getting anything done besides what I had to and focused on taking time out of my week each day to do something nice for myself. Here’s what I came up with:

  • spending time outside in the sun doing nothing – it’s unseasonably warm right now and I am making sure to take some time to enjoy it; plus, for whatever reason, when I’m sitting outside in the sun I am okay with doing nothing else – a skill a really need to develop
  • a lunch date with the hubby – this is something we NEVER do, because of time and money, but we splurged; we took some of the “hot date” money we’d been saving and had a yummy healthy lunch out with no kids – GLORIOUS! we also started discussing our plans to celebrate for at least a month because…. *gasp* we’ve been together for 10 years now
  • I listened to LOTS of podcasts while driving, which I find totally amazing, inspiring and just generally good brain exercise – my current favorites are Radiolab and This American Life
  • getting my makeup done with my girlfriend for my play – there’s nothing like having someone else make you up while you just sit there
  • What will I do today? Well, I have to go paint our set, but I could really take the have to out of that statement – who doesn’t like putting on their paint clothes, hanging out with friends and getting messy? Oooooh, and I slept in today…. granted, that was because I got home from work at about 11:40 last night, but it was still goooood

Maybe these things don’t resonate with you, but think about what does. If you have 20-60 minutes each day to do something nice for yourself, what would you do? One of the best ways to get through a difficult time is to be good to yourself and let yourself enjoy that goodness. It will definitely put you at ease. When we are ease, we are flexible to take life as it comes. It’s like the tree that bends in the wind but does not break…. Or improvisational theatre!

Next stop: the power of our mental state. I’ve come across several interesting bits of information in the past week that pay testament to how our mental state hugely impacts our focus and, therefore, our success. I can’t wait to sew it all together, hopefully tomorrow. And I’m glad we started here. Do not expect good things unless you are willing to be good to yourself, even if it’s just for a few minutes out of your day. Make sure to love on your hard-working and amazing self.


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  1. I. LOVE. THIS. See you soon, Friend.

  2. Rachel, Glad you are embracing what the Italians call “Che dolce fa niente” How sweet to do nothing!

  3. you are so consistently full of good ideas! love it!


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