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Lazy Week

I only did 2 workouts this week! If you’ve been reading along for awhile you will know that I usually try to hit a minimum of 3 for the week, and I have been stepping it up beyond that recently. However, this week and weekend I found myself dieing for some down time as well as time to focus on other things I’ve been ignoring (like this project that I just finished officially today…. or at least I am trying to finish today). It was totally worth it! The more I let go of my schedule this weekend, the better I felt. Lesson re-learned: always check in with yourself and never be afraid to adjust.

Starting next week (pending work and rehearsal madness) I am going to start posting my workouts and scores at the end of each week. I mentioned recently I’m keeping up with my scores for the first time in order to start to push myself. Many of the workouts are getting “manageable,” which means it is time to step it up. Although, I have to say that there have been several workouts recently on Body Rock that have just totally kicked my butt. There have been a lot of new exercises for muscle groups that are apparently very weak on me. Finding those exercises is always exciting and horrible all at the same time. 😉

And my wonderful husband made some crazy low-fat cheesecake with huge amounts of protein – he got the recipe off a workout forum he frequents and has agreed to write something up about it for my blog. Be excited! We just ate our first servings and it was delicious. And just so your mouth can water until then:

Love, Race!


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