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My Legs Aren’t Getting Any Longer, But I’m Smilin’

Just a little reference to that moment when you look in the mirror and go, “Ugh, my *insert body part* is still *insert permanent characteristic.* As my body is changing shape, I’m spending a lot of time looking in the mirror and feeling good about the changes that I see. But I’m not going to ever have that ideal body type no matter what I do. And for whatever reason right now I am noticing the body parts I can’t do anything about. But I’m still smiling.

I started feeling kind of bummed out last week. As soon as I noticed that I was feeling depressed the first thing that popped into my head was, “Well, I guess that means I better workout today.” Once you get that habit going, you will feel better at the end of a workout. And the next day. Plus my workouts are something in my life I can manage. I am fulling capable of finding the time to do them, usually a minimum of 3 days a week. I am aware of the days I should and shouldn’t be working out. I can push harder when I need to, I can figure out my schedule, etc. So when I’m feeling whatever sad or confused or angry feeling, I can do a workout and it’s just a workout and there is a routine there.

Which is not to say it’s a piece of cake. After nearly a year now of a pretty decent habit, it can still be hard. I may feel like I can’t even get up the gusto to do a workout to begin with. Or I may have to make a major modification to a new exercise just to complete a single repetition. But I have completed enough successful workouts now to know that if I will just stand up and start the exercise, it will happen and I will be glad I started. And I am feeling good enough about life in general that I can cope with the horrific reality that my legs are short. 😉


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