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Furniture Polish

First of all, if you don’t polish your wood furniture…. you should. It will last so much longer and look so much better in the mean time. That said, I am really over commercial furniture polishes. The good ones come in those horrible aerosol canisters that put a ton of polish into your lungs as you work. Plus they come in containers that are not landfill-friendly. If you choose to go with the furniture polish that comes in the spray bottle instead you just get a big mess. They spray a TON of really slimy polish on your furniture, and then your furniture winds up all greasy forever. It’s a rock and a hard place.

So we tried making our own last week and I have to say I was pleased with the results. This is a perishable recipe (trust me, it’s waaaay perishable…. I’m actually looking at the results of it sitting under the sink in the dark for the past week RIGHT NOW), so it’s probably best not to make too much at one time. I doubled the recipe below, but I will not do so next time.

What I liked about this: you just stick it in a spray bottle, but it’s not too slimy. It did a nice job cleaning (both the lemon and the olive oil help clean the wood without being too harsh) and the olive oil obviously oils the wood so it will last. It’s also really simple and, if you are making the other products we are making, you already have everything you need. Enjoy! (And make sure to clean your spray bottle out after each use… Don’t make me post pictures of what I just found!)

In a spray bottle combine:

1 lemon

3 tablespoons water

2 teaspoons olive oil


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