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Done with Doubles

My next set of plays to read is from a Clifford Odets anthology. I don’t know about you guys, but could definitely use an update on my “classics” of American playwrights, let alone just my classics. These are powerful in a very similar way to O’Neill. The punk is me is saying, “YES!” when I read this grungy, dusty, slang-filled pages. I just hope he write something with some great young women in it, because so far nothing.

Waiting for Lefty, by Clifford Odets

I’ve just started diving into Odets, but I loved this piece, perhaps in part because it is short but still packs a serious punch. Like much of Odets’s work, it is about the ideals and practice of our democratic society in financially hard times. Beautiful play about people’s humanity in hard times. Odets’s use of language is fantastically full of made up words and syntax. I hope I can find a monologue just so I can play with the language. I need to go back and check, but I don’t think there were any strong female monolouges.

Awake and Sing!, by Clifford Odets

This play is significantly longer than Lefty, which I find difficult for some reason while trying to read them back to back. Also a really beautiful play about similar themes in a different surrounding. The characters all make you feel for them, but I could not find any strong, young female monologues.

I think that’s 25 for 25, although I’m tired enough right now that the room is spinning. 😉 We can have a party about it later.


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