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Workout Zen

Just completed this workout. I am pouring sweat. It is insane. I’ve just recently started keeping up with my scores on these workouts and it’s made me realize how much harder I can push, which is great. That’s my next step. 🙂

These posts have changed a lot since I first started writing about my workouts almost a year ago. But today I want to flash back to one of the things I started doing way back when – a daily check-in.

How I felt beforehand: Stressed and totally unfocused.

It’s been an overly busy week at work, compounded by the fact that I have a lot of memorization to do for the play I am in right now AND I leave for Grad school auditions tomorrow afternoon (which I am woefully under prepared for due to said busy life). In my life right now I am trying to juggle all my flaming bowling pins, and tonight especially the situation had me feeling frantic.

So tonight, after getting a few important ducks in a row, like redoing a file for work with a deadline of yesterday and snuggling with my kiddos for 20 minutes before they went to bed…. after those things, but before really having to get myself packed and ready for tomorrow (did I mention I have an audition in town right before I hop on the plane for Grad school auditions?) I made a smart decision. I said “I come first.” So not only did I do my workout, but I made sure to really use that time to push myself so I could feel accomplished and to clear my mind so I can finish up my tasks tonight without any more stress. I feel so much better now that my mind is in the right place and my body has had to work today.

So now, on a totally different note, I want to talk about (read: show off) the new equipment I got for myself!

First of all, I want to say that I was only able to buy these things because I got some extra money for Christmas. For my DIY’ers that are also reading these and thinking about saving money, remember that sometimes you just have to save up or hope it rains money one day. 😉

This is my new sandbag. If you’ve Body Rocked at all, this is not the one they use. I think it has a couple handles fewer, but it also was half the price. All I did was research sand bags on Amazon until I found one that was reasonably priced and had good reviews. Also, if this one does have fewer handles, I haven’t missed them.

I’m really glad I got this because I needed to up my weight on many of my leg exercises. I’ve used bags with books in the past and some people use bags with filled water bottles, but with this I know exactly how much it weighs and it’s no hassle once it’s filled. Oh, and you don’t hurt yourself on book corners!

And this is the awesome-ness that is my new dip station. This sucker is $100 and I did not find any cheaper options.

I got it because I really want to work the heck out of my abs and there are so many really good ab exercises you can do on this that aren’t as effective with non-equipment equivalents. I started doing those exercises using stabilized chairs and realized I loved the exercises, but the chairs were horrible. The dip station is amazing.

Also, now I can do those upside pushups for my back muscles and the hubby is using this thing, too.

And this is how I feel right now! Plus I just thought anyone who reads this would appreciate the very human stomache – imagine that! The same stomache that looked nice and flat above just hangs out in other positions. There are also underwear lines to be spotted above (for shame!). Let’s be real people, not being 110% put together and made up when you work out is the supreme benefit of working out at home. 😉


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