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White Vinegar is a God Among Cleaners

We have kids. And cats. And a dog. And the hubby is a messy cook. So we go through a lot of all-purpose cleaner. This is a recipe I’ve been using longer than anything else, but am just now posting.

A Simple All-Purpose Cleaner:

1:1 White vinegar to water

I am not kidding. That’s it.

You have to get used to the smell of vinegar. If you dyed Easter eggs as a kid, you might have fond memories of the smell. But the thing about the smell is that it dissipates quickly and takes all other odors with it. Glorious! And white vinegar, especially in this diluted form is safe on almost all surfaces. You can always test it if you are not sure.

The vinegar gets rid of smell, as mentioned, and eats away at gunk. For example, you can clean hard water deposits off your shower head by putting some white vinegar in a bag  and tying the bag onto the shower head. In that case you would use it undiluted, but for day to day stuff, you are going to want to half and half it.

A few simple tips and tricks: I saved old cleaning spray bottles to re-use so we haven’t had to buy anything to put our cleaners in and I try to put them in the old bottle that was used for the same purpose so no one gets confused. For example, as you can see the all-purpose cleaner is in the old all-purpose cleaner bottle. Also, I’ve marked levels on most of my bottles so I don’t have to remeasure. I just fill to the line and then I know it’s 1:1 or it has 2 cups or whatever the case may be.

What this recipe is missing is anything that kills bacteria. If you are cleaning kitchen counters where you prep food or your toilet or animal (dog, cat, baby….) stains off a hard floor you are going to want to add isopropyl alcohol to help disinfect the area.

A Disinfectant All-Purpose Cleaner:

add 1/8 cup 91% Isopropyl Alcohol to your 50% or 100% white vinegar cleaner

Bonus: We pay about $1.80 for a gallon jug of white vinegar. What do you pay for your cleaners?



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