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Servitude Toward the Goals in my Heart

Servitude is also an amazing play in The “Lost” Plays anthology, by Eugene O’Neill, my new American playwriting hero. I fell off the wagon this week, but I read FOUR plays last week, so it doesn’t make any difference. 😛 I finished the O’Neills that I wanted to read which puts me at 23 plays for 24 weeks. Thank goodness! I am going to read 2 plays this coming week and be caught up. Holla! *pant pant pant*

I know that every week I have at least been giving a short synopsis of the play with a few critical comments of my own, but I am not going to do that this week! I am feeling really behind on my monologue search (and practice) for that 20 monologue challenge, so this coming week I am going to focus of just barreling through those last 2 plays to get caught up and then really focusing on culling through the monologues I have found so far and getting them typed and into my monologue binder. I have URTA auditions coming up in addition to around-town auditions and then I start rehearsal for my next show immediately upon my return from URTA. My goals right now are to:

  1. Keep pace with at least 3 workouts a week, ideally 4-5 and reading 1 (and only one!) play each week
  2. Brainstorm a plan to push ahead on the 20 monologue challenge, even while I memorize and rehearsal for my current show

If you are reading this and are not an actor, let me just tell you those are pretty lofty goals, because I work full-time, too! They are also exciting goals, because figuring out how to balance these things and make progress on what I love at the same time as I’m working my tail off is going to be really special. I’m looking forward to the challenge. Now, where are my kiddos to cheer me on?


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