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Training to Audition Failure

In case you haven’t noticed, the bulk of my workouts are HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training, the purpose of which is to push an exercise for a brief period of time until you cannot complete the exercise, then modify and keep going [until the beep]. This type of training is great for breaking down muscle tissue quickly and efficiently to cause your body to produce muscle-building protein and ~voila! You are toning and building muscles and burning fat due to calories burned.

In case you haven’t noticed, one of my many careers is acting. January has been HIAT or High Intensity Audition Trauma, as there is one of the highest concentrations of regional auditions in the year. I saw trauma because it is grueling. We’re talking as many as 3 auditions per week, plus dance calls and callbacks. It is a roller coaster of good and bad audition moments, but in the end it’s hard not to feel exhausted and often times beat down.

Insert ah-ha moment! Much like exercising, if you want to get better you have to slowly but surely attack your maximum threshold. For example, if you did 20 reps last time, you should be shooting for at least 21 this time. Or more weight, or better form, or etc. On the other hand, if you get exhausted and sore and you take a break until you feel all the way better, you can plateau or sometimes even lose ground. My brother has something similar to say about his running training. If something hurts, keep going. Your body has to learn to adjust and repair while you are on the go. If your knee is sore and you stop running you are telling your body, “Hey, sorry. I won’t do that to you again. Just sit back and relax.” But if you get up and run again the next day you are saying, “Hey, knees! You better build up some more cartilage ’cause we are not stopping.” You have to keep going.

(I am not a physical trainer or a doctor, so don’t think that just because I said to keep running on sore knees means that this is true in all cases!! Don’t run or exercise on a true injury!!)

And the goal to increasing stamina onstage and in auditions is to keep going. You will be so tired today and probably tomorrow, but sleeping doesn’t increase your endurance. Only a steady push. I’m changing my mindset from High Intensity Audition Trama to High Instensity Audition Training and with perseverance I will be stronger. ~Ah ha!

I have been instructed to use this picture on this blog entry. Because I hate posting without pictures, but couldn’t come up with a good one for this post. Please feel free to make up a story about what this picture means. Like “When you wuss out on a day when you are tired, it’s like cheating off your husband’s cards in Apples to Apples because you are hoping that when just sitting around on your lazy booty your husband will know to hand you his ‘Arnold Swarzenegger’ card and all will be saved.”

That’s right.


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