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The Battle of Stuff vs. Purpose

Hopefully this isn’t saying too much. My husband has a sticky note that he keeps around where we can see it that says:


have and do things with purpose

Every time I see it, I smile. One, because it’s so nice to be on the same page about something so important. And two, it is a great reminder to use my brain and be purposeful in my choices.

I bought a pair of boots this past week, but for one of the first times I think I did this the “right” way. A pair of boots that is a definite keeper for me is falling apart. They’re getting happy on the bottom, which is reparable. More of an issue is the fact that they are peeling all over the tops, which is not reparable. Since they have been such a great, versatile pair I really wanted to replace them and have spent weeks looking for a new pair that will be close enough to the old ones – this is hard! I finally found them and I have to admit I spent about double on the new pair, because I bought real leather this time.

This sounds like a petty blog about shopping for boots so far, but my hope is that by spending more money on a pair of boots I will wear multiple times a week year round, I have:

  1. kept my wardrobe options roughly the same – no need to throw out all the old clothes b/c they don’t match the new boots
  2. replaced, rather than added
  3. upgraded to something that should last significantly longer and ultimately lead to fewer future purchases

It’s slow, but I’d like to think things are streamlining themselves and we go through this with purpose.

And that’s my petty boot shopping blog!


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