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As a reminder, this blog is all about objectives… goals. Objectivifying your (or in this case, my) life.

I am working right now to increase the number of times I workout each week to 5. I’m currently participating in the Body Rock 30 day challenge to kick the year off. That new goal in combination with the people in my life with whom I’ve been discussing workouts got me thinking about this oh-so-important topic of having a goal to focus on so you don’t get swept up by fads or your neighbors’ achievements or whatever. Your workouts need to be about you and what you are here to accomplish for yourself.

Over and over we hear people explain why they aren’t going to do a workout. “It’s too hard” or “I’ve got to lose weight before I can even start that workout” or any number of other reasons. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ANY OF THESE REASONS at heart if you are still working at achieving your goal in your own way. What are you doing to accomplish your goal? Once you have an idea of what that is, then you can stop worrying about what you are not doing.

I set my goals to work on specific body parts, because I want them to look more in shape for myself and for my acting career. As I’ve traveled along toward that goal, I’ve incorporated new goals like feeling good and being in great shape overall. Those goals have taken on their own importance and now I know when it’s time to bust my butt (literally) because I haven’t been focusing on it, or when it’s time to just get in a good workout because it’s been “too many days” and I know I will feel better once I’ve done that workout.

Long story short, I highly recommend having a strong objective to work toward so that each day when you get up and you wonder whether or not you can do this, whether you even want to, you can think about that objective and know that you do indeed want to do this and that you will, because that goal is important to you. And the way you do it will be meaningful and you won’t have to question whether you should.


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