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Audition Reading, part deaux

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I only started working professionally about a year and a half ago, and I wasn’t auditioning this time last year. Much to my naive surprise, January is audition madness month. Even with being selective about who I want to go and audition for, I’ve got 2+ auditions per week for the next several weeks. So I’ve got 2 more audition reads this week.

I’ve also been horribly ill all week. I finally went to the doctor Friday. I’ve been taking the best care of myself possible and still not getting better. With auditions starting Sunday I was starting to get concerned I wouldn’t be well in time. As it turns out, I’ve got strep and a sinus infection. Which brings me to my next point for the actors: I’m considering having an elective tonsillectomy. Since having mono as a teen, I now get strep every year. I take pretty darn good care of myself, so I feel like it’s out of my hands. But it puts me 100% out of commission to work and it’s the only time I lose my voice. Kind of a problem in the theatre. I’m going to see an ENT about this in a couple weeks. Let me know if anyone’s ever done or considered doing this. I’ll let you know what the ENT says.

Kill the Moment, Scott Gibson

Yes, seriously. Another murder mystery. This one is funny, but is focused on the “who dunnit” aspect. Other than throwing some humor in, I think it’s supposed to be more dark than funny. Two lead females, two strong males. Some monologues to choose from. And definitely little known. I enjoyed it even though I was really sick.


Anne of Green Gables, by LM Montgomery, adapted by RN Sandberg

I have to be honest. I thought this was going to fall into the category of Black Beauty and Emily Bronte for me: Books I tried to read, but just hated and couldn’t finish despite multiple attempts. I loved this. It’s beautifully written, straight forward and moving. You can pull the characters’ emotions right off the pages. There are some monologues, mostly for red-headed girls (and probably way overdone, but hey, if you can rock it….). I won’t be able to use anything out of it, but I am really glad I read this play.

That’s 17 plays for 21 weeks now. Huzzah!


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  1. Let me put my nurse cap on. .ahem! Okay, recent evidence has suggested that every strep infection you have does damage to your heart. Granted, the concern is usually just life long cumulative damage meaning, the 90 year old woman who never had strep will probably have healthier heart tissue compared to the 90 year old who had chronic strep throat. With that being said, any strep infection can go haywire and be fatal. I’ve unfortunately witnessed the worst case scenario in my career more than once. Yuck. All this to say, the trend is now starting to go back to how it was when we were babies. Tonsillectomies are being recommended quicker. The pediatric recommendation now is 3 strep infections in a year, bye bye tonsils. It will be a rough week but I say go for it. Just my opinion though:)

  2. So, thanks for the image of myself as a 90 year old woman losing time because of strep infections in my 20’s! 😛
    I am going to the ENT in about a week and we’ll see what they recommend.


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