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Once again, auditions are supplying the next couple items on the reading list. I started a practice in college of purchasing every play I was going to be auditioning for to add to my library. It costs a little bit of money, but if you plan ahead it’s doable. Then you are better prepared for your audition and you’ve got another play to use for whatever professional needs you may have in the future, be they as actor, director, writer, teacher, etc. Here’s what I read this past week:

The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, by John Bishop

This is a serious cheese fest, but it’s laugh out loud funny. There are a million ‘insider’ jokes about being in showbiz. Of course, there are secret passageways, mysterious guests, hidden identities, love and murder. Thoroughly ridiculous.


The Cat and the Canary, by John Willard

Murder mystery number 2 for the week, but it’s a very different style than the first. Much less camp. Still very funny at times, but also has some serious drama. This was much more of a ‘solve the secret puzzle of who dunnit’ and I think is meant to be a bit of a thriller in combination with its melodrama. Both plays have decent roles for women, but neither really has monologue options.

I’m up to 15 plays out of the 20 I “should” have read so far, so just a couple more weeks of reading double and then I can take a bit of a breather – just in time to *hopefully* start rehearsals and get thrown right back under the bus. 😉


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