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New Technology – Good or Evil?

It’s kinda funny at my house. While I am not archaic and anti-technology, I do tend to be a little slow to latch onto fads in technology. I don’t want another device just because it’s cool. I’ve never owned any product made by Apple. I bought myself an MP3 player about a year ago. I spent $30-40 on it and it just plays music and does simple sound recording – all I needed it to do!  I guess it’s the Sansa version of a Shuffle. I have a “smart” phone because of work, but it’s a BlackBerry and I don’t use any cool applications. On the flip side, the Hubby is techno-wizard man and loves to play with new gadgets.

The cool thing is that when our powers combine we are capable of making some really smart technology decisions. I (sometimes) balance out his need to buy something just because it’s cool and new and he balances out what could easily become my old school tendencies and brings me up to speed with the fast paced digital world.

My point is, technology can be another way you accumulate junk in your life, or it can help you streamline your possessions and hobbies. I ask myself two questions: Do I really need this technology for my daily life? Does this streamline my life (usually by incorporating functions from multiple devices or making something I already need to do significantly more efficient) or does it add something else to my list of stuff? If it’s just another “thing” to go on the list, I try to wait for technology to speed along to a better option before I jump on the bandwagon.

My current project, through the miracles of CD ripping technology, is to be able to box up all my old CD’s and store them someplace. The result will actually be increased access to my music through our online sharing server and my cute little MP3 player (I also have this cool do-hickey on my keychain that helps me carry extra SD cards around with me). It will also mean a little more bookshelf space for our ridiculous quantity of books (E-Readers are another savior of our stuff collection, by the way).

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This project aligns with our de-stuffing goals even though we are not getting rid of our CD’s. Until I am confident that Digital Rights Management will allow me to junk the CD’s without losing ownership of the music I already own that is not happening. However, it will mean we literally pack these suckers up into boxes that we never have to look at or think about and whenever we are ready to move that is one less thing to think about.


Feel free to share your thoughts on why MP3s are so awesome!


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