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Mini Challenge: 2 Plays a Week

It is my goal to read 2 plays a week for the next little while so I can get back on track to finish out the year at 52! I got right on that this week. Here’s a quick recap of what I read with my thoughts:

Rabbit Hole, David Lindsay-Abaire

This is another play I have been dying to read since it hit Broadway. I am REALLY glad I read it, but I will not be taking any monologues from this one. For one, when I watched college auditions this year, I swear we could have played a drinking game for every time one of those sweet little 18 year old girls got up and did Becca’s monologue about how she is grieving in her own way. I’m not going to do that to someone. In addition, I am not a Becca so much as I am an Izzy, who doesn’t have any monologues. I’m glad I read it, but know thy self.

Thirst, Eugene O’Neill

One of my monologue goals is to find a good piece from a lesser known O’Neill play. So there will be many O’Neill plays read in the next few weeks. I’m working through Ten “Lost” Plays at the moment. This is a crazy one-act about being stranded at sea. I found a decent monologue for the Dancer that I’m going to work on, as it may turn into something special. If nothing else, it’s a little work on some of O’Neill’s text. Couldn’t hurt, might help. 😉


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