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Ab-in’ it Up

This week’s workouts:

The One that Got Away

Party Rock!

The Girl with the Dragon Abs

I have been SO thankful that these workouts have been focused on specific areas of the body this week. I really got to focus on gluts and abs this week and it was killer and wonderful! I hope I will be able to keep up this kind of focus.

These workouts are shorter (much shorter). In retrospect, I think repeating them 1 or 2 x would have been a great idea, because they did not make me super sore like usual. Super sore is good in the long run. 🙂 That said, I think short workouts this time of year are a great idea, because we have so many extra things to do. I promise you there is no excuse to not do a workout, even if you only have 20 minutes when you can find great little 4-7 minute bits like these.

Back onto the topic of focus. 😉 I would really like to commit to focusing more on my abs and gluts like I did this week. There are some great ab routines in these workouts, but I was KILLING my back doing these situps, especially with weights. Right as I was cringing and saying, “I’ve gotta buy a workout mat!” the hubby ran out to the garage and grabbed a sleeping bag mat for me, instead. What a great reminder to work with what you’ve got. You could do the situps on carpet (put a towel underneath so you can wash the sweat off) or a rug or anything. I’m forming a habit of not spending money on unnecessary items and what’s it’s taught me is that if you use a little creativity, you can probably solve your problems without unloading your wallet.

Best of luck!


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