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Christmas Time & New Beginnings

Well, this was going SO well when I started that I’m not surprised it quickly went south. Work got busy and I quit reading and had a lot of trouble finding the motivation to get started again. But it’s all good. It’s a law of averages. 🙂

So here are the books I’ve managed so far and a quick note about each:

An Ideal Husband, by Ocar Wilde

Well, I’m just not that into Wilde…. still. It was a great play and I will pull a monologue or two from it since I took the time to read it, but I will definitely still be looking around for a classical style that I get a little more excited about.


Sophistry, by Jonathan Marc Sherman

This is a great little mind bender of a play. It’s kind of shy on women’s monologues, but there’s plenty here for the men!



Our House, by Theresa Rebeck

If you get pissed off by reality television and the crap they call news, you will love this play. There are a good variety of types of characters/monologues. Theresa Rebeck is a pretty hot name in the theatre these days, but this play is still pretty fresh.


The Metal Children, by Adam Rapp

I loved this play as much as I loved In the Other Room. It’s a little disturbing and it deals with issues of teen pregnancy, religion, literacy and education. It’s beautifully written and has interesting and complex characters. Good teen girl parts if you’re looking.

Dead Man’s Cell Phone, by Sarah Ruhl

I love Sarah Ruhl, and I was very excited to read another Ruhl play. I really enjoyed this metaphysical play with all its quirks and poetry, but it’s not a great place to find a monologue unless you need something narrative.


The Good Woman of Setzuan, Bertolt Brecht

I LOVE Bertolt Brecht and reading a Brecht play is always a treat. This play takes a little extra work to find a good female monologue for a young lady, but it’s WORTH it. A great show and a great style of show to bring to an audition, in my humble opinion.

In summation, I would like to do a little math. 🙂 I started this little play a week challenge 18 weeks ago and I have read 7 plays so far. Let’s see if I can get caught up!


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  1. Have you read “Melancholy Play” by Sarah Ruhl? Upstart Productions is rehearing it right now. I auditioned for it and loved the sides. I definitely plan to see it when it opens.

  2. Let’s go see it together! I have loved what I have read by Sarah Ruhl so far. It’s almost a shame she’s such a hot playwright at the moment, because it makes her work “overdone” for monologues/auditions.

  3. Let’s do it! It runs Jan. 11th-Feb. 4th:)


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