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I have been very silent on here recently, but not inactive in my real life. I had my busiest month of the year at work and then needed a little family time to recuperate. I’ll be honest, my play and monologue challenges are not going too well, but I’m still maintaining a decent focus on my 100 Thing Challenge and Body Rocking, even while not blogging consistently. šŸ™‚

During my un-blogging time, the thing I’ve been dying to write about is “de-hobbying.” One of the things I decided when I started my 100 Thing Challenge, was that in order to:

1. Have less stuff, and

2. Spend more time focused on things I really care about and that are long term goal-oriented

I would de-hobby.

I’ve always been a person with a lot of creative and athletic interests. It doesn’t help that I’m a relatively competitive person, so when I see someone doing something really well I get inspired to do the same… except, like most people, my efforts in most things are relatively short-lived. Unfortunately, having a short-lived hobby can still mean acquiring a pretty decent amount of stuff that is surely going to help you be awesome at that hobby (in the 1 week you actually pursue it).

It took a little heart break, but I got rid of craft supplies for things I don’t do more than once a year. Every now and then I get a little twinge, but it’s easy to tell myself to go do something else (like read a play) instead. I kept my sewing machine, because it’s handy, and I kept anything theatre-related, but everything else went to a better home.

The only hobby I was not able to get rid of was jewelry-making. I tried, believe me, but the desire was just too great. That stuff didn’t live in the garage long enough to go out with the donations. And since bringing it back into the house, I’ve made myself two really cool necklaces to add to the collection of jewelry that I just trimmed down to a more manageable size. *Sigh.* Oh well, you can’t win ’em all today.


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