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This is going to sound crazy at first, but I am really excited about having freedom from choices. When I first had this thought, my brain went all 1984/Brave New World on me and I told myself, “You better not say that out loud.” Because who wants to have their choices taken away from them, right?

But how many hours do you spend each week trying to decide which outfit to put on, how to fix your hair, which bag to use? How many hours do you spend washing the 4 weeks worth of clothing you just laundered? How many hours do you spend trying to find that thing you need in the huge pile of things you don’t?














Today I pulled more clothes out of my closet, got rid of hangers, and attacked the freaky mess under the sink (and in the drawers, and in the medicine cabinet). What IS all this stuff? I threw away medicine with expiration dates from 2007!! I got rid of lotions I only ever used because someone gave them to me and I would feel guilty if I didn’t at least try to use the gift. I made room in my life and I am giving as many useful things as I can to people who need them much more than I.

I may not win any prizes for actually having 100 personal items, but I am doing a great job. Seriously, guys, LOOK AT THE EARRING TREE. Before today, I had earrings coming out my ears. We’re talking earrings I’ve had since I was 9 when I first got my ears pierced. Now all the earrings I own fit on that tree. I know it’s more than I need still, and that’s okay. Today I am basking in the glow of actually being able to find all my earrings when I want to.

The cool new change this week: the hubby is really starting to get on board. We worked on some of this together. It’s really cool to have him chime in, not because I asked him to (or told him to), but because my actions impact the world around me and can start a chain reaction of positive events.

As my quest slowly, but surely progresses, I am spending less and less time wasting time on my things and I feel a huge weight off my shoulders (and my schedule). We went out to the symphony last night and I only had to choose between TWO dresses! Should I wear a cocktail or a full-length? Which shoes? No problem! There is one pair of shoes that matches BOTH DRESSES! And guess what? I looked hot. Clearly, this is the most important aspect, but my point is, I did not have to sacrifice anything by having simple choices. Instead, before I was sacrificing my time. Last night, I only spent about 20 minutes from dressing to hair and makeup and I was ready to go. By the way, we had a great evening listening to the orchestra and I credit part of my simple enjoyment to getting my life refocused and living in a more present way. I laughed and cried and it was a lovely time.

So I’d say that’s some pretty fantastic freedom. Freedom from stuff, freedom from time wasted, freedom from pointless choices that have nothing to do with living la vida. Freedom to exist gloriously and with straight-forward intention!


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  1. wow! i am so impressed!

    for me, owning a home was a big part of why i hoarded so much. there was always a place to stuff something new.

    i’m on the minimalist train now, but i’m almost forced to do so—my living space is 8×6 (half of a dining room in the apartment), and most of that is the air mattress i sleep on. i don’t really have enough room to own much more than 100 things or so anyway. 🙂

    so, yeah, i’m supremely impressed at your discipline. you’re doing all of this when you don’t technically have to. i know that your journey will help encourage me to hang on to the habits i’m learning now, when i inevitably find myself with something like an entire bedroom with a real closet. or even more space!

    kudos to you, Rachel. you are an inspiration.


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