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Game Changing Perseverence

And now that I almost don’t feel like puking, there will be writing.

Food for thought: exercising with some sort of a chest cold/thing = wheezing. Hopefully this workout will somehow make the cold go away faster… as opposed to making it feel worse.

Working out while traveling for work is a great idea in theory. In practice it’s had mixed results for me. However, I’ve been sitting around thinking about not exercising until after 11 pm tonight. I never exercise this late in the day, but I was antsy and avoiding sleep, so I figured I might as well go do a challenge exercise at least.

96 burpees in 10 minutes later….

I have learned that if I just keep telling myself, “5 more” (and I don’t stop to check my time to see if I can slow down or if it’s totally hopeless) I can do 100 crappy-looking burpees in 10 minutes. And then my arms will not move properly and everything will taste like iron. 😉


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  1. you are like the most inspiring person. i’m gonna try this.


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