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Rockin’ Out Again!

Woo! How did I do these workouts and then immediately blog about it before? My whole arms are shaking.

Today I went back to Body Rock, at least for now. It seems like every running blog recently has been, “Oh, I’m going to do this now and it’s going to be better.” I’ve been wanting to just drop it and go back to Body Rockin’ all the time, but didn’t want to cop out on the experience. Today, I decided to go for it, because I need to get back into any sort of a routine and just have too little motivation to run right now. Lo and behold, while browsing the Body Rock website for which workout to do for a fun reset, I found this:

Hi BodyRockers,

There are 3 directions that you can go from here.

1. Backwards. You can continue to do nothing to strengthen yourself, nothing to flex your determination, and watch as not just your body erodes but also the essential pieces of your inner self (namely your confidence, self esteem and sense of self worth) begin to flake off month by month and eventually break off in larger pieces. This path requires the least amount of exertion on your part, but it is by far the most painful. No matter what facade you put on it, there is a creeping pain that sets in when you turn your back so completely on your true potential in life. No matter how hard we try and ignore it mentally by distracting ourselves, or layer it over to insulate this deeply seeded pain, it becomes often so tender that people find themselves desperate to rid themselves of it.

2. Just holding on. You can hold your ground and for every step forward you usually take one back and vice versa. You are in that “safe zone” that we like to refer to as “normal” or “average”. You train sporadically, always seem to have an extra 5-10 pounds to lose, are always on “the verge” of realizing your higher potential, but seem to quit every time you see the faint outline of the changes you desire in yourself starting to take shape in the bathroom mirror. You have repeated this cycle so often that it has become a familiar dance, and you are beginning to harbour secret doubts that you might never achieve the breakthrough that you have been holding yourself back from for so long now. It’s frustrating and can be painful in it’s own right, but what do you really have to complain about – you are “normal” right? It’s too bad that you can’t shake that deep feeling that something is missing, and something wonderful is just beyond your grasp…

3. You train like a warrior – discipline is a constant choice, and sometimes it can be a fierce struggle, but this, just like the muscles in your body is becoming honed with repeated use. You get knocked down and back, but you always rise up and pick up the challenge. Completing our short daily BodyRocking sessions is a practice that represents so much more to you than just exercise. You can feel that “beating your personal best” has started to apply to all the areas of your life that were previously lacking energy and commitment. The effort, perseverance and strength that you have been developing in your workouts flow with growing intensity into your sense of self worth and it doesn’t stop there. You are more nimble at work and everything from your relationships to the farthest touch points of your life feel infused with greater potential.When you are living your life and you know that you are giving the pursuit of your dreams your max effort, there comes a profound sense of fulfilment that nourishes you in a way that makes life feel grand. It’s not about a dress size or a number on a scale – it’s about training for a life well lived.

Wow, did I need that! I am thankful to say I’ve never really been a number 1 when it comes to fitness, but a number 2? Yes, yes and yes. Running was feeling like this and it was slowly eroding my “get up and go.” And to top it all off, working out has been my motivation to attack a lot of other things in my life and LIVE MY LIFE as I see it best lived.

Here’s the fabulous part: I LOVE Body Rock. I love searching for the workout I want to do. I love getting a choice, but still having a path. I love the positive vibe from Zuzana and the community on the website. I love how hard I work in each workout. I love doing them at home with my loving family around me (and my loving animals!). I love that they are 1 hour workouts. And I love my air conditioning. 😉

I “get” why people do difficult things like run when they don’t feel super inspired to do so – there is a spiritual adventure there that is empowering. But this girl wants all the fun, too.


P.S. Right before I started running, I finally bought some equipment for BR workouts. Here are two pieces I used today and (because I know I will stick with the BR routine) they were well worth the investment. Oh! And I did the Grab Your Balls Workout. Hey – I don’t name them!

Soft Medicine Ball - 10 lbs

This one is great, because the hubbs uses it, too! It was well worth the purchase, as it gets tossed around every day. I bought this instead of her Ugg ball (or whatever it’s called), because those were crazy expensive and there is no cheap knock off. This is a sufficient alternative and I think it was $20 on Amazon.

Interval Timer

I was NOT going to get one of these, because my loving husband has  a timer on his phone. But it just didn’t do rest/work intervals like this does (automatically), so I did cave. This was also about $20, but pretty much every Body Rock workout uses it and my workout was so much more stress-free today because I wasn’t having to restart my timer for every single work period – or make hubby do it for me! 😉

Thank you to my lovely mother-in-law for the birthday gift – that’s how I purchased these!


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