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The Amazing, Unforgettable Body Wash

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I ran out of body wash about two weeks ago and have been using the hubby’s bar soap. Ugh! I am definitely a “girly girl” when it comes to what soaps I am willing to put on my body. Today, I was finally able to make my marvelous new recipe for body wash.

Those Fantastic Culprits

Here it is:

1 cup castille soap

3 Tblsn coconut oil

A few drops of essential oils, if you want

That frothy mixture on the right is what you get.

This was really easy to make. I just saved my old body wash bottle and dumped it all in there. I used some lavender and peppermint oils that I already have and like, but that’s not necessary. The other thing you can do is get a castille soap that already has scent in it. The one we bought this time smells like hemp and almond oil. It’s divine.

Here’s the cost breakdown for 1 batch:

1 cup castille soap = $4 (we’re going to look for a cheaper version; the one we got this time was fair trade and a little pricier – we think we can get it down to about $3)

3 Tblsn coconut oil = $.29

Since the essential oils are not necessary, I’m not listing them here. The large bottles can be anywhere from $10-20, but they last forever because you only need a couple drops for any given use. Do make sure to keep them in a cool, dark room to keep them from going bad.

So, we are talking less than $5 for about 7 oz and I only spent about 5 minutes concocting the batch.

Now, more importantly, how awesome was it?

#1 – I’m clean (this is clearly a point not to be discounted)

#2 – I smell good, but not really stinky/perfumey

#3 – My skin feels good after using it and I don’t need to use moisturizer!



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