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Battle 1: Won

That last post about de-junking was just dabbling. Today I got the inspiration to wade into the mire. Mostly, I felt like if I didn’t do SOMETHING today I would start to lose my momentum. And really the only thing to do next was attack the ferocious amount of clothing shoved into my closet.

Yes, looking at this makes me feel dizzy.

There are about 30 buttons on this shelf, plus shoelaces, batgirl stuff....









My supportive husband pointed out to me today that I am not as bad as many people with the amount of crap I own, but you can tell that there is a lot of cramming going on in this closet (and he is thankful I am addressing that issue!). I started out with the intention to get down to just the number of outfits I set out in my master list. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how many days worth of everything I want to have, what my wash routine will be, etc. I started plugging away on my clothing. An hour or two in and my steam has dissipated. This adventure turned into, “If I haven’t worn this since we bought the house – OUT!” Which was a LOT of clothing.

In my defense I did also get rid of things I have worn in the past 2 years, but know I need to let go of. I emptied two entire hanging racks of shoes. I very nearly got my dresses down to what I actually expect to keep. I was ruthless with my jewelry. And I got rid of more “memorabilia” I didn’t expect to be able to toss in the goodwill pile quite so easily. There is also still way too much clothing in my closet. However, I made a huge impact on what I own today. At one point, the husband came in and said, “Wow, that’s reasonable.” I’m not entirely sure we’re down to reasonable yet. You should see how many camisole/spaghetti strap shirts I still have. The war is not over, but the pile I corpses makes me feel like I can notch this battle off on one of the belts I kept. 😉

Feed me, Rachel!In other, much more hilarious news one of the cats ran in our room and proceeded to vomit right into one of the shoes in the goodwill pile. I’ll never tell which one.


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