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My Cherokee name is Running Tree

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Well, this week wasn’t exactly a 3 mile run week, but I did get out and have 3 successful runs and now my plan is for next week to be a 3 mile run week. Eventually I’ll complete that 4-3-4 week. 😉

After my last run went so horribly I had a really rough voice lesson and rehearsal that involved serious pain in muscles all around my body. I was upset about my run, hurting and had a really hard time convincing myself to come back to run again. By the time I finally did so Thursday of this week (that’s over 1 week, kids), between my nerves and the time gap I was pretty rough. I thought I was going to do 3 miles that day, but it turned out to be a 1 mile day. Ha! So this is what I ran this week, instead:

Thursday: 8:38 / 1 mile

Friday: 19:30 / 2 miles = 9:45 miles

Saturday: 28:38 / 3 miles = 1st mile 9:30; 2nd mile 10:00; 3rd mile 9:08

I did a lot of thinking while I ran this week. First of all, I remembered that the amount of time it takes me to run each day is just a number. Numbers can be tools used for good or for evil. I’ve been beating myself up over time, so I decided to refocus on my goal of being able to run for 60 minutes. Notice there is no mph caveat in that goal and that’s the way I want it.

On recovering back to running 3 miles: each time I ran the distance I did the day before became doable and the last mile was hard, but I stuck through it. Today I actually got all the way to the end and thought I had 1 more mile in me. I probably would have looked like a zombie stumbling through it, but it was there. To counter the impending zombie-ness I tried to relax into the correct technique whenever the run was easier (flat or downhill on the sidewalk). It’s amazing how much of the run you can let go of and allow your skeleton and just a few core muscles to carry. Save your energy!

I also picked a track that I’ve run every day this week. I like running someplace different every day, but one of the things I really need to work on is pace. Kinda hard to do when you have no idea where in the run you are (or when you make a wrong turn). The block around the big little one’s school is 0.9 miles with the side closest to my house being 0.3 so I know exactly when I hit each mile. It helped me a lot this week. Part of the loop is away from people and smells a lot less like cars and pollution, so it’s a win-win for nature girl, here.

Half the circuit is sidewalk-less, which gives me the added benefit of getting off the pavement for my knees’ sake. It’s also a LOT harder to run. Today, I did the road for the really rough side, as I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make the whole 3 otherwise, but this coming week when I do my 3’s I’m planning on working it back in – running through ruts works all kinds of great muscles.

And, finally, the spiritual side: running like a tree. It’s okay to giggle when I say that. I have a horrible tendency to slouch. Today one of the things I started to work on, especially when I was feeling too tired, was not slouching. If you are a sloucher like me, you know this is easier said than done. Lucky for me, I have my trusty tree on my back. I imagine my spine is the trunk of a tree that easily stands straight and tall come rain or shine. It’s goofy to talk about, but it works. It’s the same technique I use to stay sitting comfortably for long meditations. So today I was a running tree with good results.

Running TreeRace!


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