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You Want Me to Get Rid of My Shoes?

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While many of the things I’m pursuing on this blog make me feel slightly insane, none strikes the crazy chord like the 100 Thing Challenge. I remember reading about it probably about a year ago and being really impressed by the woman who completed the challenge, but thinking it was sooooo not for me. Then it started coming up in my head over… and over… and over this past month or two, but there didn’t seem to be any real reason. However, when I got serious about pursuing my goals (and our family goals) it all started to make sense.

My husband is restarting his community college career, but has his eyes set on a Bachelors degree. Once that is done I will be looking at Masters programs for myself and THEN we plan on moving to another part of the country. Neither one of us wants to be confined to local schools, but moving with a family of four is rough. We want to feel more free to move because we have less junk. When I imagine myself packing my belongings and I only have to put 100 things in a box, well, let’s just say that’s a dream come true compared to our last 2 moves which both were potential marriage-enders. 😉

There’s also this whole concept of what is important in life. I am definitely a culprit of the Keeping-up-with-the-Joneses mentality. Plus more stuff means more things to clean and more distractions. Today in my life I really can’t come up with a reason not to challenge myself to own 100 Things.

That said, I’m not diving in 100% right off the bat. I’m using a few basic rules that many people follow. For example, the list does not include books, tools, or family-owned items. I’m also not including anything I use exclusively for work (I don’t own those things anyway, but since I have a home office, they all live here). You can also count collections as one item. For my list I’ve made lots of collections, particularly for clothing, shoes, jewelry and makeup, which are going to be my hardest categories in which to reduce. It is my goal to make those collections as small as is reasonable and sane. Right now, I think my list is a little over 200 items. Considering I thought 500 might be an outrageous number, I’d say this is great. I’ve got some figgerin’ to do with my outfits to make sure I have things that actually match, so my numbers are not final, but below is my first draft list. I’ll update it as I learn more and give updates on how hard/easy it is to get rid of things and what sort of cool discoveries this seemingly extreme process yields.

Oh! And we decided we are going to donate the non-keepers instead of sell them. For one, I just don’t have time to orchestrate a garage sale and for two, although we could certainly use the money we will survive (comfortably) without it and donating our used items is something we believe in from an ethical standpoint.

Without further ado, my first draft “100 Thing Challenge” list:

1 Glasses and case
2 Mouthguard and case
3 Contacts and case
4 Toothbrush
5 MP3 player, memory cards and earphones (will transfer all physical CD’s to digital music to get “music” down to 1 item
6 Wallet and keys
7 Bike and helmet
8 Kindle and Kandle
9 1 pair plugs
10 1 card of hair rubber bands
11 Sewing machine, etc.
12 Small sewing kit
13 Box of theatre memorabilia
14 Box of wedding memorabilia
15 Box of old letters and personal memorabilia
16 Pilates ball (ordered but not arrived yet)
17 Weight ball (ordered but not arrived yet)
18 Jump rope (ordered buy not arrived yet)
19 Dance bag
20 Stage makeup kit – need bigger container
21 Interval timer
22 Snow board and case
23 Snow board boots
24 snow board/biking back pack
25 lingerie bags (2)
26 sweater dryer
27 Batgirl costume
28 Razor
29 workout pants summer (6)
30 sports bras(6)
31 workout shirts summer (6)
32 workout socks (6)
33 running shoes
34 indoor workout shoes
35 workout pants winter (6)
36 workout shirts winter (6)
37 dresses for work (10)
38 black flat shoes
39 brown boots
40 what other shoes needed to match dresses?
41 grey pinstripe suit with shirt
42 navy blue suit with shirt
43 black work heels
44 cocktail dress
45 long formal dress
46 shoes to match cocktail/formal dresses
47 dress to match cocktail/formal dresses
48 jeans (3)
49 bathing suits (2)
50 bathing suit coverup
51 flip flops
52 shorts (3)
53 summer shirts (10)
54 winter shirts (10)
55 summer covers (2)
56 casual sneakers
57 winter coat
58 snow board outfit
59 black dress belt
60 socks (14)
61 underwear (14)
62 bras (5)
63 jewelry to match outfits – would like to have small jewelry case that fits jewelry to be kept and no more
64 small makeup organizer (filled
65 makeup compact
66 summer pjs (7)
67 winter pjs (7)
68 galoshes
69 fleece jacket
70 coral jacket
71 3 audition outfits
72 tights (?)
73 winter sweaters (?)
74 facial product
75 face wash
76 face lotion
77 body lotion
78 tooth whitener
79 tooth paste
80 pack of panty liners
81 shampoo
82 conditioner
83 body wash
84 comb

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