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Post dated May 2, 2011

I have decided to jump on the bandwagon! I’ve been saying for months… years more like it… that I am OUT OF SHAPE. Always the desire to do something about it, but never the will power. Luckily for me, I just got cast as a featured dancer and dance captain in a show. Nothing like the fear of embarrassment to get your rear in gear, eh?

Now I don’t typically feel the need to share all on social media, but I have watched several friends use their network of friends to share, gain support and have accountability. I got midway through my first workout. I hit that place. You know, the “I feel so bad that I’m starting to feel good place.” And that’s when I decided I’m going to blog through this amazing workout process.

I hope for love and support. If you want to join me, I would LOVE to have you in body, spirit or electricity!

And so, without further ado….

Day 1 of Body Rock

Why? I’m doing this because after having 2 kids that are about 2 years apart and not really exercising around either pregnancy, my body is sort of… well, sloppy. Definitely not my preferred physique. Here’s where I’m at right now:

Welcome to post-pregnancy belly! Although I’m still thin, my stomach muscles have lost almost all tone and the whole thing just sort of hangs there.

My booty is one of the only places I  collect fat in my body. I am not complaining! However, again post-pregnancy, it’s not exactly where it should be anymore.

This is the one I find most embarrassing. My legs are getting progressively flabbier, BUT the big “UGH” is that I’m actually flexing my quads as hard as I can in the second picture and there is barely any visible difference.

Vanity: ain’t it grand? But let’s be real. We all want to look a certain way and there is nothing wrong with setting reasonable goals in that direction. Especially when you get the added benefit of gaining or regaining fitness. I used to be in very good shape and was used to being able to physically do most things I put my mind to. I can’t currently do a lot of things I would still like to  be able to do (like run a 6 minute mile or dance en pointe). So here are my current goals:

1. Regain the stamina to do an hour long workout of quality exercises.

2. Tone and build strength in my: abs, gluts and quads. I also need to build strength in my ankles.

How? Matt turned me on to this German chick, Zuzana, who does hard-core workouts mostly using only your body weight. You can find these videos at Like I mentioned earlier, getting cast this past weekend finally pushed me to jump over the edge. So today I came home and walked the walk. Here’s what I did:

1. Warm-up

2. Abs Now!

3. Cool Down and Stretching

Here’s why I love this intense German and her crazy muscles: in the warm-up video she starts by sitting and pretty much meditating and envisioning her own success. In the videos she does the full routine and she STRUGGLES. But she stays positive without being annoying peppy.

I want to just briefly talk about how I feel about today. I had to do a lot of explaining to get to this point, so I’ll keep it brief, but how I feel will be the majority of what I will write about (I think) in the future. Today, I felt like the warm-up was a workout. I survived the actual workout, but there were a LOT of times I had to stop and walk for a minute before I could continue. Or I was shaking so bad I thought I would fall. Or I just couldn’t do the exercise 100%. I did not do this with the sandbag today. Baby steps and faith in nature.

I’m also really focusing on stretching as part of my cool down, as I need to regain a lot of flexibility in order to dance. I did the basic today, but will be adding more stretches and ankle exercises.

I have to say: thank goodness I did the whole stretching routine, because it’s the only way I didn’t puke after this workout.

Right now, I am so glad I did this. I can barely walk, but I feel great, happy and satisfied. Thank you for reading and welcome to this adventure.



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