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Take Me Back to Santa Fe

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This post is going to cover all three of my run days in Santa Fe. The first one I wrote about briefly in my last post, but I want to cover all three and how they relate to one another.

First run: 29:30 minutes/3.9 miles = 7:34 minute miles

Second run: 27:51 minutes/ 2.8 miles = 9:57 minute miles

Third run: 19:00 minutes/ 3.0 miles = 6:20 minute miles

That first run really surprised me. I thought the altitude was going to be more detrimental than it was and I was greatly surprised by how much the significantly lower temp/humidity affected my run (in a good way). I also went out with a coworker and chatted most of the run. It’s amazing how a distraction like conversation and beautiful scenery can impact your effort.

The next day it was just me. I ran through a different neighborhood with lots of little ups and downs and dawn when the light was too dim to read the street signs for the first 5-10 minutes. I took my MP3 player this day, hoping to provide myself the same distraction as the day before, but I had problems with the ear pieces staying in and it was just not helpful. This run was really rough. I knew from the beginning it wasn’t going to be as good of a time but I didn’t feel like I could have pushed myself harder at the time.

The last run I decided to go back to the first route, but cut it down to an actual 3 miles. I was on my own on this one again, but I decided I was going to prove to myself I could run this as fast as I could even though I was by myself. I have a bad habit of running too fast too early on, which I did this time.* I actually ran so hard for the first 2 1/2 miles or so that I couldn’t finish and had to walk for about a 1/4 mile and then jog in my last 1/4 mile, but I STILL averaged 6.5 minute miles. This makes me want to go out on a mile run sometime in the next week and just see what I can come in at. It may happen!

*In looking back at my past 2 weeks of runs, I think I run better times my first run of the week because I’m not sure I can do it so I pace better. Then, once I’ve surprised myself with that first success, I push too hard at the start the next 2 runs. This is a theory I will be investigating further over the next two weeks. I’ve got a lot of work to do on pacing.



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