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Step Up to the Challenge

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Post dated July 24, 2011

Alright! So today I did this:

And I feel great.

Here are some of the adjustments I made due to lack of equipment:

*For the medicine ball burpee/pushups I used a stack of books. You don’t get the balance, but at least you get the height.

***Side note: My pushups are finally starting to get to the right place. They’ve been hard to do and so they’ve been overworking my shoulders and arms and not working my core enough, but today a change to a better core workout was noticeable. Woo!

*Bag of books for the sandbag and the medicine ball when used for weight. It’s still too little weight, but Matt and I are going to look into making a sandbag to save money and I’ll write about that once it’s done.

*I didn’t use anything for the little pulse squats. I couldn’t come up with anything creative that satisfied the weight/size/consistency, but it was plenty hard enough with nothing this first time.

I’m starting to feel really good about the results of working out. I’m starting to see some of the changes I’m working towards. They are small, but encouraging in big ways. Since this workout thang is going so well, I’m going to research equipment purchases later tonight to make it a little easier and reward myself. I’m going to start small, probably with an interval timer and pilates ball, possibly nothing else. I want to invest a little money and see if I’m glad I did it before I get anything even remotely expensive.

And the last big thing from today: I’m actually going to take 1 month off from these workouts and start training for distance running again. My brother has been running for a little over a year now and his focus and determination are so inspiring. He’s agreed to help me with a training schedule to accomplish my goal: being able to run for 1 hour. After I do the first month of his training, I’m going to evaluate what comes next for the running/workout balance. It’s complicated as I enter another play rehearsal process and then the fall work season with it’s long hours, time out of town and unusual schedule, so I’m going to take it a step at a time. I know I can commit to train for running this coming month and I know I will learn a lot about what I want to do and how I will be able to do it. After that month, I hope to find a way to balance my body rock workouts with running training, but for now…. One thing at a time!

Lots of heart,



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