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Post dated July 6, 2011

For those of you who don’t know, we got a puppy about a week ago. I really didn’t have time to workout BEFORE getting the puppy, but now it takes even more planning. 🙂 I’m NOT complaining. What I’ve done to deal with this time constraint for now is set my workout to start right after I finish working for the day and right before dinner. When I do the full cool down/stretch routine, my stomach is pretty settled for dinner by then. Luckily, these workouts are short and intense so I can squeeze the whole thing into that hour between work and dinner.

Yesterday I did my usual warmup/cool down and:

Transform Your Booty Workout

This is the first workout I’ve done on Body Rock that is so specific to one location, so I wanted to really work that area as hard as a could. Plus I was really excited because this is one of the areas on which I want to focus. I don’t have a jump rope, so I just do high knees and I find it very difficult to keep up the speed and height the longer I do it. That’s a sad truth for the ex-distance runner and ballerina. Today, however, I added weight for the first time to the squats. These are the squats that I couldn’t even do the first time I did a Body Rock workout and now I need to use more weight than I added. I only added 6.6 pounds. I was in a hurry and had to make my own weight bag using our diaper bag (Thank you, Matt!), but the squats were just not hard enough still even with some change. I averaged about 13 squats per 30 second interval, which is actually more than she did during hers due to her MUCH heavier weight bag. And they didn’t really get harder despite all 9 reps of them. Looks like I’ll be putting more books in the diaper bag!

Superhero in training:

The “GRRR GET SOME!!” Face:

Done got some:


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