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Post dated July 18

I haven’t been great about getting all these workouts in and I’m coming back into another period of time where it will be particularly difficult to find the time, so today I decided to be determined to get the workout done. At 9:45 I was still avoiding doing it (cause that’s how I roll) so that just meant I had to do it at 10 pm. Worse things can happen besides a late workout. Getting it done was important.

So today I did this workout:

Pound Melting Workout

I’m not trying to melt pounds, but I like doing new workouts, because they are interesting and challenging, then when I’m in a real hurry I can go back to one I know is quick, good and doesn’t require a bunch of equipment and just gooooo! I loved the really complicated twists and cross-planar exercises.

Then I decided it was time for some update pics, which still take a helping of humility to post. Lucky me I just happened to have thrown on my original workout ensemble. Here are the pics and some thoughts from moi.

I’m pretty sure the rumpus is the thing making the most progress to date. I know that whatever changes I’ve seen so far have made me feel really good about working out. And, yes, I am proud of my little muffin top or whatever you call it in this picture. I’m thrilled to have any sort of curves, whatsoever.

This is probably the least flattering way I could possible take these quad pics. With my super snug workout pants rolled up over my thighs and squeezing them in unholy ways. However, whether you can tell in this pic or you are just blinded by my white (actually, my legs are quite tan right now… what happened in this picture?) – shorts have crossed the threshold to non-mortification now.

Yes. That is my super sexy mommy stomach. Don’t you wish your mom was hot like me? I am well aware this area will probably take the longest to respond. You certainly can’t tell here, but it is a LITTLE bit better than it was 2 months ago.

Final thought for the day: Since this workout was called “Pound Melting” I just want to take a moment to talk about weight. First of all, I am not weighing myself, as that is not what this is about. However, I noticed immediately upon starting this journey that my thighs at least are getting bigger, not smaller, due to muscle building. This is probably a “duh” for a lot of you, but I just wanted to clarify that pounds and inches are not what this is about.


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