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Don’t Step on Puppy

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Post dated July 16, 2011

I’m pretty sure I came up with a way more clever title for this yesterday, but now I have a HEADACHE. That said, this will be brief

Problem: I haven’t had time to work out since last Saturday.

Solution: I’m glad I worked out this Saturday and I pushed it really hard to try to make up for what I missed out on during the week. I have a super-busy schedule and with rehearsals about to begin again, that’s just life. I am going to look for the opportunity to workout each day and be thankful for every day I find the time.

This is the workout I did:

Marine Corps Workout

Yeah. I only got through the workout once. The second full-workout-rep was out of the question. Number 1 almost make me puke. This is deceptively hardcore!

Love, Race


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