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Post dated May 17, 2011

That’s right, I’m cramming this all in to one fabulous note. Because it’s 11:45 and I’m prioritizing. 😉 Here’s how I dealt with this past weekend and starting dance rehearsals this week.

Friday – No workout because I was in the car for something like 16 hours that day driving to Kentucky to be with my extended family. No regrets for not working out (some of you may think this is obvious, but I get wild about my schedule sometimes, so “no regrets” is positive), but I did make note that I would need to be diligent Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday – I slipped over to my aunt and uncle’s house during the afternoon to get a full workout in using their computer. Saturday was the day we didn’t have much to do, so it was good to have something with which to stay occupied and an excuse to get out. I did the workout I did on the very first day with the usual warm-up/cool down/stretching routine I’ve been building. I’m happy to say it was much easier and I could do all the exercises without cheating. I definitely need to introduce weights on the exercises she uses them.

Sunday – Busy day, so I slipped my workout in as soon after breakfast as possible. My mom also has to do her physical therapy exercises, so we did them together upstairs away from everyone. It was a fun bonding experience! And I made my dad watch some of what I’ve been doing since I couldn’t convince him to join. That’s my competitive nature! I’m happy to report that I did the workout from the first week that had 5 sets (I only got through 3 of them) and I completed all 5 sets without the shaking-so-bad-I-may-fall thang. Major progress!

Monday & Tuesday – Dance rehearsals, which I am counting as my workouts. I make sure to stretch well beforehand. Some nights these are more intense than others, but it’s what my schedule can make happen!

I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made so far. I’m also glad I was able to workout while I was out of town for the funeral. It’s good to know life and some semblance of routine can carry on and carry you through.



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