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Day Something, something, something…. I’m Ba-aaaack!

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Post dated July 2, 2011

How I felt:

Weeeell, I’ve been working at “forgiveness” while doing this whole workout thing. Not because I’m a bad person, but because I need to be better at accepting where I’m at and being pragmatic about moving from there. I didn’t magically start back with workouts the second I got out of my last show, then I didn’t work out on my vacation (turns out when you have a 2 and a 4 year old you don’t even do much hiking), and then I didn’t immediately jump back into my workout routine when we returned from vacation. And it’s starting to show in what muscle condition I had recovered over the past month and a half. But the good news is, I DID NOT BEAT MYSELF UP OVER THIS. And despite it being rough (always!) to get started back up again today, I did it. Without even too much whining. 😉 And here’s my whipped, wanna-be smile when I finished:

What I did:

The same warmup, cool down/stretching I’ve been doing

“Fierce Friday Workout”…. on Sunday


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