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Day 6

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Post dated May 7, 2011

How I felt beforehand:

Each day is getting a little hard to motivate myself to do a workout. I really enjoy working out and pushing hard, but it’s always hard to get going. I’m thankful for the support I have and each day I just try to come up with some reason to do it or some little “cheat” to convince myself. Today, lo and behold, when I went to the Body Rock site to try to figure out which workout to do I saw the 6 Minute Workout screaming, “Do me!” Hahaha, little did I know.

What I did today:

1. Same warm-up as yesterday

2. 6 Minute Workout

3. Cool Down and Stretching

4. A stretching routine for the splits which has everything I desperately need to work on

5. These ankle exercises: writing your name with your foot without moving any other part of you leg

I did not do the releves today. This 6 Minute Workout is INSANE!!! The pike jumps were the hardest part. And I mean unable-to-complete-the-interval hard. They worked a lot of the same muscles in my ankles as the releves, but I could feel the workout literally all the way down the underside of my foot to my TOES.



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